Say hello to Nora One stop RNA-Seq application Fast and accurate quantification Intuitive RNA-seq analysis platform

Say hello to Nora

Nora Command line

A binary package for fast and accurate transcript quantification

Alignment. Quantification. Uncompromised accuracy. All in a tiny little package.
  • Quantify transcripts with superior accuracy and speed using an improved EM algorithm (see Benchmark)
  • Support both single end and paired end reads of 50-250 bp
  • Output convenient BAM files for visualizing and variant calling
  • Optimize device’s processors, enabling parallel performance
  • Minimum RAM required: 8GB
Nora Application

Lead the way to RNA-Seq data

An intuitive platform for RNA-seq analysis and visualization.

Accurate and fast transcript quantification

Map reads and quantify transcript abundance with high accuracy and speed. No programming skills are required.

Tissue Prediction

Predict or confirm which tissues your samples come from based on gene expression profiles. NoraBrowser runs tissue prediction from RNA-seq data with 97.5% accuracy (30% testing, training with 5-fold cross validation).

Key Genes Detection

Discover the most important genes and patterns in your data. NoraBrowser can make 2D and 3D PCA graphs with customizable elements, and PCA biplots for detecting key genes.

Differential Expression Analysis

Plow through complicated experiment designs and get to the heart of the data. NoraBrowser comes with interactive visualization: MA plot, Volcano plot, heatmap, and more. Model adjustment is easily done with Nora’s intuitive interface.

Pathway analysis

Discover pathways based on expression profiles. NoraBrowser uses GSEA method for Gene Ontology and Pathway enrichment analysis to detect gene ontologies and pathways that contain differentially expressed genes.

In-depth gene investigation

Explore gene expression along one chromosome, compare gene expression among groups of samples, and study alternative transcripts of one gene.

Nora Single Cell Application

Single cell analysis application

A new Nora’s family member for single cell transcriptome analysis. Please subscribe to know when it’s officially released



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